Engine Repair and Diagnostics

engine repair and diagnostics

Heard a clunking in your engine while you were driving? Have you noticed that your engine is idling rougher than you remember? If your engine is in trouble, not only does your car have a way of telling you there is a problem through these symptoms and various warning lights, it isn’t something you can just ignore. So if you’ve noticed problems with your engine behaving differently, or your check engine light is activated, bring your car for engine repair in Alpharetta, GA, from the team at Speed Auto Repair. We can even do full rebuilds on engines!

Computer Diagnostics Alpharetta GA

If your check engine light is activated, you know that there is something wrong with your car but there is no way to know exactly what. That’s where auto computer diagnostics come in. Our team will attach your vehicle to our state-of-the-art diagnostic machine and run a series of tests. These tests “speak” with your car’s onboard computers and your car will, in turn, retur a dataset to our technicians. This will allow them to pinpoint exactly where the problem is in your vehicle, and we can set about discussing it with you and your options for getting things fixed up. You know your car better than anyone, so when there is a problem you can’t quite put your finger on, trust computer diagnostics from Speed Auto Repair.

Engine Repair Near Me

If you need computer diagnostics or engine repair in Alpharetta, GA, the only name you should think of is Speed Auto Repair. Our team of engine repair experts is here to diagnose and fix whatever problems your engine has, and we will get you back out on the road before you know it. And if you don’t know what the problem is but that check engine light is on, we can help figure out why. For the best engine repair in Alpharetta, GA, trust Speed Auto Repair and make an appointment today!

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