Can I Make My Parked Car Cool Enough in the Summer So That It’s Safe?

No. Speed Auto Repair advises that there is no way to make your parked car safe enough for children or pets in the summer. The only way you can keep the interior of the vehicle cool enough is to leave it running with the air conditioner on. This may cause the engine to overheat if it runs for a long time. It’s better to bring the kids or pets with you. This being said, you can reduce the interior temperature by a handful of degrees if you do the following.

Utilize Shade

We know we are stating the obvious, but you should utilize the shade whenever you can. This means parking your automobile underneath a tree, underneath an overhang, or in a parking garage. Keeping your vehicle out of the sun keeps the temperature inside the automobile cooler. This being said, even a shady spot can still make the car too hot for kids or pets.

Make Your Own Shade

You may have a parking situation where there isn’t any shade. Let’s say that there are no shady parking spaces in the parking lot where you work. If this is the case, you have to make your own shade. You can do this by putting a shade in the windshield, shades in the windows, and a shade in the rear window. This will prevent the sun from coming inside the car.

Cover the Interior

Even if you put shades up, you may also want to cover parts of the interior with towels or rags to keep them cooler. For example, draping the steering wheel with a rag prevents it from scalding your hands when you touch it. The same is true with the center console. You can also prevent scalding your legs if you cover the car seats with larger rags or beach towels.

Ventilate the Vehicle

You can also use ventilation to your advantage. When you’ve got the car parked, lower the windows slightly so there is enough room for air to come in and out. This allows the heat to leave the inside of the car and provides cooler air if there is a breeze.

Service the Vehicle

Finally, keep in your vehicle’s maintenance up to date will help keep it cooler in the summer. An annual air conditioner check can make sure the AC is operating the best that it can. A cooling system service will also protect the engine from the summer’s heat.

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Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro