Signs My Fuel Pump Is Going Bad

On average, the factory fuel pump will last approximately 100,000 miles. In terms of years, this is approximately 10 years. Once the fuel pump goes bad, you will have a fuel-delivery problem into the engine. Consequently, your car, truck, or utility vehicle will experience one or more of the following issues that are signs that the fuel pump is malfunctioning.

Performance Troubles

A fuel-delivery problem is going to cause engine performance problems. There is no way around this. If the fuel pump is unable to send enough fuel to the engine, it will sputter and lag when it is under stress and when you are driving at high speeds. If the fuel pump is sending too much fuel to the engine because it is malfunctioning, the engine will pick up speed in unexpected spurts.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Unfortunately, there is also no way around a bad fuel pump affecting your fuel efficiency. Whether the engine is sputtering or surging, it will burn more fuel. The increased fuel consumption will reduce your fuel mileage. This is bad news because you will need to head to the pump more often. Replacing the fuel pump will restore your engine and fuel efficiency.

Increased Temperature

This sign of a faulty fuel pump is a strange one. When the fuel pump is struggling, its motor will overheat. This heat can be transferred to your engine. When this happens, your engine will start to overheat when you drive your automobile. One sign that the fuel pump is struggling is a whining noise in the fuel tank. The motor will make this noise when it is burning out.

Reduced Fuel Pressure

Unfortunately, the engine needs the right amount of fuel pressure in order to operate efficiently. If the fuel pump is going bad, this will reduce the fuel pressure in the engine. Consequently, the reduced fuel pressure is also going to cause the engine performance problems discussed above. If you bring your vehicle to our shop, we can test the fuel pressure to see if it is normal.

Difficult Starts/No Starts

Finally, it makes sense that it can be difficult to start your automobile if the fuel pump is having problems sending fuel to the engine. In fact, if the fuel pump has died, you will end up with a dead engine that you cannot start because there is no fuel in it.

We are here to help, so call us today if you are having any of the above problems. We can replace your fuel pump if it needs it.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro