Strange Noises Your Engine Will Make if It Is Having Problems

Speed Auto Repair is going to list the different noises and engine will make if it is having problems. We will also discuss the common causes of the noises. It’s important to note that this blog post may not cover all of the reasons why your engine would make a strange noise. As such, it’s crucial to bring your vehicle to our shop right away if you hear something odd in the engine.


Lack of oil is usually the reason why the engine grinds. If you’re not faithful about getting your oil changed, the oil level will get too low and the oil filter will clog. This will prevent the oil from circulating through the engine and cause the metal parts to grind against each other.


A vacuum leak will make the engine hiss. Replacing the vacuum hose is a quick repair that will stop the noise. Another thing that will cause a hissing sound in the engine is leaking auto fluid. The fluid will hiss or sizzle once it drips onto an engine part that is hot.


If your engine is knocking, you may have a fuel detonation problem in the cylinders. This can be caused by the wrong type of fuel in the tank or a lean fuel mixture. A knocking engine can also be a sign of rod knock due to worn rod bearings.


Usually, popping noises come from the exhaust system rather than the engine. If your engine is popping, your catalytic converter may be clogged. Another exhaust system part that will pop is the exhaust manifold. It pops when it has a leak. Finally, the muffler will pop and rumble if it has a hole in it. Let’s talk more about rumbling next.


Not only will your engine rumble if the muffler is damaged, but it will also rumble if someone helps themselves to your catalytic converter. Unfortunately, this rumbling can be so loud that you should not drive your vehicle. Doing so may result in a moving violation.


Finally, a squealing engine means you have an accessory belt that needs to be replaced. If the belt is still in good condition, we will tighten it so it stops squealing. In addition to the accessory belt, the engine may also squeal if you need a new power steering pump.

Speed Auto Repair in Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, and Roswell, GA, would be happy to determine why your engine is making strange sounds. Give us a call today.

Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro