Why Do I Smell Hot Wires in My Car’s Engine?

If you smell hot wires in your car’s engine, Speed Auto Repair advises that the alternator is likely malfunctioning and producing too much voltage. It should never produce more than 14.5 volts. If it produces more than this, it will overheat the electrical system. Do not worry. We are the best auto shop in Alpharetta and Roswell. We can replace the alternator when it needs it. Aside from an overheated electrical system, there are other signs that the alternator is going bad.

A Battery Warning Light on the Dashboard

The alternator will last about 100,000 miles before it starts to malfunction. Once it does, the engine control module will pick up on error codes being sent by the alternator and turn on the battery light on the dashboard. If your dashboard has it, the module may also turn on the ALT or GEN light.

A Constant Need to Jump-Start the Battery

If you constantly need to jump-start the battery and it isn’t that old, the problem is most likely the alternator. One of the things that the alternator does is it keeps the battery charged. If the battery is not being charged after it discharges, it will die and you will have to jump-start it.

An Engine That Misfires and Stalls Frequently

Another thing to which the alternator supplies power is the spark plugs. If your engine has started to misfire and install frequently, this, too, is a sign that the alternator is having problems. It may not be supplying the spark plugs with the power they need to produce sparks.

Malfunctioning or Slow Power Accessories

The alternator also provides power to all of your vehicle’s power accessories. If the accessories start to malfunction or slow down, the alternator could be to blame. Examples of malfunctioning accessories include the navigation system and the radio turning off by themselves.

Strange Growling or Whining Engine Noises

You might also start to hear strange noises coming from the engine if the alternator is dying. The alternator itself may start to grind or growl if its internal mechanisms are wearing against each other. The alternator belt might start to wine or squeal.

Strange Problems With the Vehicle’s Lights

Finally, if your vehicle’s lights are acting weird, you may need a new alternator. Specifically, a malfunctioning alternator can make the lights flicker and reduce their brightness. It can also make the lights too bright if it is producing too much electricity.

Call Speed Auto Repair in Roswell and Alpharetta, GA, today to schedule a service appointment for your automobile so we can replace the alternator.

Photo by dreamnikon from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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